5 Decks to try when Wing 3 Drops

Let’s be real – Menagerie Warden is basically the Dr. Boom of this expansion. Beast Druid is very likely to rocket to top tier in the weeks following the expansion’s release. It’s a simple combo – drop a Stranglethorn Tiger on turn 5, and follow it up with Menagerie Warden. Removing the Tiger is nearly impossible, especially with only 5 or 6 mana, and suddenly, 6 mana for 10/10 worth of stats are able to be played the next turn. This card is an overall powerhouse for Beast Druid, and it will very likely see play.

While I’m not particularly sure which class this should be utilized as, we saw 3 new cards this wing – Zoobot, Menagerie Magician, and The Curator, all of which feature synergies with Beasts, Dragons and Murlocs. While the Murloc part of it simply doesn’t agree with most Murloc style decks, and cards like Murloc Warleader are strictly better in every way, Beasts and Dragons are not hard to come by. You could go all the way and make your deck be specifically Beast and Dragon themed, including cards like Twilight Drake for Dragons, and Sabertooth Panther for Beasts. This can maximize potential value from D/B/M (Dragon, Beast, Murloc) buffs and overall lead to a nice amount of board control for a win condition. Even if your deck is not specifically tailored to these archetypes, cards like Ysera and Stranglethorn Tiger are not too far off of a midrange or control deck, so especially The Curator will be effective here still.

Purify. Yes, Purify. I know, we’ve all jumped aboard the ‘let’s flame Ben Brode on twitter about this terrible card design’ train, but take this one with a grain of salt – at the very least, it ought to be fun. Run cards like Eerie Statue and Ancient Watcher, along with cards to buff them into being useful, like Defender of Argus and Sunfury Protecter. And, last and also least, Purify. Use Purify on the Eerie Statues and Ancient Watchers when Argus’s aren’t available, and watch the value develop before your very eyes. That’s honestly all I can say about this deck. Don’t expect a positive winrate, either – this one’s for the fun of it.

With Nightbane Templar being released this Thursday, Dragon Paladin may see a nice power spike for turn 3 plays. It’s a strictly better Razorfen Hunter, in the sense that it requires dragons. Hopefully, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It provides the deck with the early game needed to deal with aggro or midrange decks to scale nicely into the late game. Honestly, I think this card is incredibly underrated, and provides a replacement for Muster for Battle that is almost as good as the original.

We’ve seen Tempo Mage. We’ve seen late game freeze/Yogg mage. Why not both? Babbling Book is a nice addition for both, as it provides a draw mechanic that is (1) not from your own deck, and (2) guarantees a spell that will be at least somewhat useful. The Discover mechanic in general is incredibly strong, and this is no exception. While the 1/1 body that is provides is certainly far from the 1/3 of a Mana Wyrm, I think it will be more useful the later into the game you get. It provides more options to fish for useful spells or win conditions in the late game, especially alongside Yogg.