Match Prediction: Team Secret - Team Liquid | Dota 2

The main event of the year in the Dota 2 discipline is nearing its climax. There are 3 teams left at The International 2022, and after today's confrontation there will be two of them.

Western Europe dominates. Western Europe once again proves that there is no stronger region, at least this year.

In the final of the lower bracket, we will have a dramatic match, which in any case will bring a wide range of emotions. Two great players, two world champions of the past years will play for the right to lift the Aegis once more over their heads.

We are trying to figure out which of the teams will succeed, and who will say goodbye to thoughts about the championship this year.

Team Secret uniform

Let's start with the team that made it to the small finals of The International 2022 from the upper bracket of the playoffs. This is Team Secret.

In this fight, Puppey and company will play as the favorite. All because of the upper grid, I dare to assume.

In fact, abstracting from this series, we can safely call these teams worthy of each other and identical, to some extent. It is difficult to say otherwise at the TOP-3 stage of such an event as The International.

As the season progressed, Team Secret overcame, overcame, and still got what they deserved. In our case, this phrase is positive.

Team Secret Performance

If you do not go deep into the season, then the state of Secret in this competitive year can be described in one word - chaos. He reigned in the Secret camp after the end of The International 10, until the Western European qualifiers for the main tournament in 2022.

Secret on the wave of reshuffles this season were on the 31st line of the DPC table. The team took 5th place three times in the regional league and did not play in the major tournaments.

Secret got a break after joining Zayac and Resolut1on. The team had a good Riyadh Master and ESL One Malaysia, after which they took 2nd place in the Western European qualifiers for The International 2022.

After qualifying for the last chance tournament, Secret got a second wind: the team made it to the group stage of The International 2022 without much difficulty.

Secret at The International 2022

On the main stage of the year, which this season is Singapore, Secret got into the same group with Tundra. From the first days of the group stage, Puppey and the company have shown that the passage to The International 2022 is the minimum goal. The team came for the championship and you believe in it.

The only game that Secret lost at this event was against Tundra. She did not prevent Puppey and the company from reaching the upper bracket of the playoffs and moving on to the match for reaching the TOP-2.

On the way to the upper bracket, Team Secret easily smashed PSG.LGD, after which they confidently outperformed Thunder. Their old offenders, Tundra Esports, prevented them from reaching the grand final from the upper bracket.

The final of the upper bracket went according to all the canons of such matches: a full-fledged bo3, the desire to win at all costs and a high level of individual performance.

Be that as it may, Tundra were stronger in that fight. They deservedly made it to the TOP-2, but Secret still has a chance to get even

Team Secret roster

  • crystallis
  • Nisha
  • Resolut1on
  • Zayac
  • Puppey

It is the personalities that create the dramatic color of the upcoming match. Captain Puppey plays his 11th The International and has been in the TOP-3 for 5 times already. Such a personality in Dota 2 definitely deserves a second Aegis, but getting it will be extremely difficult. Applicants are more than worthy.

Secret play their own DotA, but they don't stray far from the meta. Their most common spawns were Tusk (7 matches, 85% wins), Witch Doctor (5 matches, 80; wins), Monkey King (5 matches, 60% wins), Pangolier (4 matches, 50% wins), Death Prophet (4 matches, 50% win rate).

They love Lina for Nisha through a magical build, which is a rather non-trivial choice during this championship. They have a terrible Dawnbraker from Crystallis in the first position, which Vp once tried to push through, but Puppey managed to do it.

Secret's trump card in this tournament is Zayac's Nix. It is from this hero that rivals should get rid of in the first place.

Form Team Liquid

Team Liquid will play in the status of catching up in this match. The team got here on the lower grid. They will act as an outsider.

At the TOP-3 stage, the difference between Secret and Liquid is extremely small. It is not surprising.

I have already said above that the teams are actually equal in my understanding. Both teams had a very mediocre season and both teams were reborn on the Last Chance Qualifier.

For both teams, The International 11 has become a “place of power”.

Team Liquid at The International 2022

At the main event of the year, Team Liquid played in a group with OG, Royal Never Give Up, Evil Geniuses. Despite a serious company, Liquid, inspired by the victory at Last Chance Qulifier, broke into the upper bracket of The International playoffs.

In Group A, the team took 2nd place, losing only 1 series against PSG.LGD. Before the first match of the playoffs of Liquid with Team Aster, the former looked like a favorite. Nevertheless, the Chinese club academically outperformed their rivals on two maps, outplaying Liquid not without a struggle.

Further, the lower bracket happened to Liquid, where the “liquid” extravaganza began. In the match against Entity Liquid in a long third map, they gnawed out a victory in order to take a break in the match with OG and then create a match against Thunder. It is to create, because I have not seen such a show for a long time. Everything was there: from a carnival of fights to a comeback against mega-creeps.

Liquid's victory over Thunder is a huge boost in morale, which allowed them to defeat the offender in the first playoff game represented by Team Aster.

Team Liquid roster

  • MiCke
  • zai
  • Boxi
  • InsaNia

As in the case of Team Secret, there is a person here who deserves all the praise. This is MATUMBAMAN, for whom the current tournament is sacred.

MATU has already confirmed that The International 2022 will be the last event where he can be watched as a player. The 2017 world champion will have a chance to retire at the top, becoming a two-time world champion.

It is interesting to look at zai from this perspective as well. He and MATUMBAMAN were in the same place last year, but on the other side of the barricades: both played for Secret at The International 10 and both reached the TOP-3.

Heroes Team Liquid

In their picks, Liquid focuses on Death Prophet (4 matches, 75% wins), Mars (4 matches, 50% wins), Slark (3 matches, 66% wins), Vengeful Spirit (3 matches, 66% wins), Marci and Pudge (3 matches, 66% of wins).

Don't underestimate MATUMBA's signature characters like Lone Druid, Pudge and more. In addition, Lifestealer in his performance is especially dangerous.

Also good is MiCke, often criticized in the mid lane, but this year playing a stable tournament.

Liquid can also experiment, as we saw in the match against Aster, where MATUMBA played the Night Stalker carry.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams played each other during the DPC season, but in these rosters they met once at the qualifiers for The International 2022 from Western Europe. Then the victory was celebrated by Secret.

Match outcome

In this duel, I expect a virtually equal game, since the teams, in my understanding, are completely identical. The only place where they can outplay each other is the central line in favor of Secret, but easy in favor of Liquid.

MATUMBA and Nisha are in great shape, as evidenced by the level of performance of the players.

It is difficult to choose a winner, but I will be rooting for MATUMBAMAN in this match. I want him to try to make a second championship before the end of his career. But Puppey really wants to see in the grand finals. Hoping for bo3.

Result: total +2.5.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in Team Secret victory. Odds on them are equal to 1.482. According to bookmakers data, Team Liquid are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 3.7.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesTeam Secret Team Liquid
5 matches (wins)54
10 matches (wins)87

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The teams played 46 matches with each other before. In these matches Team Secret won 30 times, Team Liquid active consisits of 14 wins.