Xiao8 left professional Dota 2 arena

Esportsman decided to quit professional Dota 2.

On the official Twitter page of LGD Gaming, the following information appeared: Zhang «xiao8» Ning decided to quit the professional career:

The official reasons are unknown, but according to the rumors, Zhang «xiao8» Ning is going to be a father soon, so he decided to dedicate his free time to the family.

He started to play professionally in 2011, when he joined LGD Gaming. During the five years, he managed to achieve several rewards and visited all The International. In 2014, playing for Newbee, he became Dota 2 champion.

Lately, he has been playing for LGD.FY, but did not achieve some spectacular results. At The Boston Major, he took 5-8 place losing in a match against Ad Finem with 2:1 score.