Vici Gaming qualified to Galaxy Battles

CDEC Gaming refused from participation in DOTA Summit 7 not so long time ago, so their slot at the LAN-finals was received by LGD Gaming. In its turn, LGD Gaming abandoned from the participation in Galaxy Battles to go to Los-Angeles and their slot was divided between Team Max and Vici Gaming. Vici Gaming was stronger than its opponent having won the desired slot.

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The full list of participants of Galaxy Battles:

iG Vitality  
TNC Pro Team  
Vici Gaming  


The LAN-finals will be hosted in the Chinese city Shenzhen from June 14 to June 18. 8 teams, which could not fight their way to DOTA Summit 7, would divide among each other the title of the champion of Galaxy Battles and the prize pool in the sum of $150,000.