Vega Squadron won the Royal Arena # 2

The team got the first championship after reshuffles.

In online Dota 2 tournament Royal Arena #2 6 teams participated including Vega Squadron, Rebels and Team Empire. At the beginning, the participants were divided into two groups where they played in best of two format. The play-off series was held in double elimination format. The prize pool for the event was $5,000.

A play-off bracket was formed according to the results of the group stage. Demonstrating a good game at the first stage, Team Empire and Rebels got the right to start from the second stage while other teams started with the first stage.

Despite quite a mediocre game during the whole tournament, in grand-final, Vega Squadron managed to defeat Rebels and take a half of the prize pool. Rebels took the second place, Team Empire took the third place after beating The Alliance with 2:0 score. This, all three winners of the tournament are the representatives of CIS region.

Prize pool distribution:

1 place: Vega Squadron — $3,000
2 place: Rebels — $1,500
3 place: Team Empire — $500