Tips for the quarterfinals of GESC:Thailand Dota2 Minor

The group stage of the tournament took place with no sensation despite the fact that EG were thought to take the first place in the group.

The first match of the quarterfinal Evil Geniuses vs. Keen Gaming, the coeficients of the bookmakers from 1.1 for Evil Geniuses and 5.4 for Keen Gaming.

The team have already met during the group stage and the Evil Geniuses got an easy win over their opponents at the match.

The overall impression about Evil Geniuses from the author: The team is obvious not to be in their best play shape and they need to make some replacements to get good results at the matches. Right now the team isn’t performing well even at the Minor tournament.

Keen Gaming played in a weak way during the group stage, so the 6 place comes to this team. 

The overall impression about Keen Gaming from the author: Very bad performance from the Chinese collective, the team must have taking a top place. I think it will be their last match at the tournament.

For this match, the clear favourite if the team Evil Geniuses, which is better than Keen Gaming in all parameters, the Chinese collective must only hope that Evil Geniuses will be having problems with the game. 2-0 for Evil Geniuses.

The second match of the quarterfinal of VGJ.Storm против The Final Tribe, the coefficients of the bookmakers from 1.3 for VGJ.Storm and 3.1 for The Final Tribe.

One interesting match between these team was held during the group stage. That time, this meeting ended in the win of VGJ.Storm.

The overall impression about VGJ.Storm from the author: Stable collective, they showed no surprising results and got the well-deserved fourth place in the group.

The overall impression about The Final Tribe from the author: I like the performance of the group during this tournament even though they took the fifth place in the group having received 9 points. The team still has a lot of work to do, but they look quite good.

This match will be interesting as both of the teams can win, I can’t say that VGJ.Storm are the favourite, but the bookmakers accentuate them. The team The Final Tribe can show us something special in the bo3 match, I think they are to win one map for sure, but at the decisive game, they seem not to win. 2-1 for VGJ.Storm, the match must be worth watching.