Tips for the first day of the playoff of MDL Changsha Major 2018

The group stage has been held without any sensation, as it had been expected the tournament left two teams Infamous and Vega Squadron, which could never win any of the maps at the tournament. In Group A, the first place is held by Team Secret having 8 points and no defeat in the series, the second and the third places are taken by 2-3 Mineski and OG Dota 2 providing themselves with a slot in the upper bracket, Invictus Gaming and Invictus Gaming Vitality have got to the lower bracket. In Group B, Vici Gaming also have had no defeat, taken the first place and made it to the second round of the upper bracket, the second and the third places are taken by VGJ.Storm and TNC Pro Team having the same quantity of points, and PSG.LGD and NewBee have gained the same quantity of points and got to the lower bracket.

The match of the upper bracket between VGJ.Storm and OG Dota 2.

VGJ.Storm started their participation in the group stage in a not very good way, but at the end they were improving and as a result they got 6 points in their group taking the second place. OG Dota 2 also began playing poorly, but at the end they summoned up and won the third place in their group.

The overall impression about VGJ.Storm from the author: During the tournament the team are improving their shape as they were doing at the last minor and if they continue doing that, they will succeed.

The overall impression about OG Dota 2 from the author: OG Dota 2 are very unstable at the moment and you should not believe in them while decisive matches.

Resolution is to play against his former team at first, so I think that VGJ.Storm must win the match as they are playing better and better with each match in comparison to OG Dota 2. 2-1 for VGJ.Storm.

The match of the upper bracket between Mineski and TNC Pro Team.

Mineski ended in the second place due to the fact that on the last day they were not themselves but this position is a good result as well. TNC Pro Team played 5 matches where 4 out of them ended in a draw so now it will be interesting to watch them at the matches in the bo3 format.

The overall impression about Mineski from the author: Same old Mineski, nothing surprising and new.

The overall impression about TNC Pro Team from the author: Nice team and good preparation for the tournament, but I would like to see them playing more.

There is not a clear favourite at the match as both of the teams are almost equal. It is rather difficult to give you some tips as all of TNC Pro Team’s matches ended in 1-1 and we are not sure what bo3 has in store for them while Mineski are a team of moods. At this meeting both teams will win one map each for sure but the way the teams will act at the decisive match remains a secret. You can make your choice of any of the teams, but personally, I will choose TNC Pro Team as my favourite.