The International 2016 Wildcard Series: The Game Will Begin

The long wait for The International 2016 is indeed over. With all of the updates on the Compendium, Battle Pass levelings, and crazy last-minute sales/buys, the most prestigious event in DOTA 2 shall once again be held in a matter of only hours as of writing, let's get to the low-downs of what's to happen in the Wildcard Series.

EHOME vs Execration (9:30 PDT)

The Asians will be battling it out and will open the gates of war for The International 2016. Execration, known for as the least known in the Wildcard Series, shall rough it up with The International 2011 runner-ups. It's gonna be a wild battle between the two, but it's still a great sight to see to witness the Filipino underdogs such as Execration even touch gloves with the Chinese powerhouse. 

Escape Gaming vs compLexity Gaming (9:30 PDT)

In the same time as the first match, there shall be a great NA vs EU match ahead as Escape Gaming will battle it out against compLexity.  Simultaneously opening the gates of TI6, this match should be a great one as in will be a battle of the vindicated. Both of these teams have shown their great promises and skills, but we'll see who's actually got the strength to carry through and make it to the group stages alive.

The last two teams standing from the Wildcard Series shall take the last slots to fill up the Group Stages. The Wildcard Series event is to be held via a Double Elimination process and will be caught live in TI6's colloseum, the Key Arena in Seattle.

It has been a long wait for The International 2016 and so it's only right that you get to see every action that comes to play. EGamersWorld shall conduct a very extensive coverage of The International 2016 to keep you up to speed with the latest happenings of the tournament.

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