The International 2016: It's time for the Main Event.

If you've been watching The International 2016 since Day 1, then you must be itching for the action that's about to unfold tomorrow. All teams have been trying their best in the Group Stages to be placed in a good position for the Main Event (Aug 8, 2016). All teams have tried their best and every match had the fans standing on their feet. We can expect the same hype for the Main Event as well.

The places in the brackets have been based and determined with the "criss-cross" method and these match-ups have been set by that method. Here's the final standings of the Group Stages:

The "Criss-Cross" method is one of DOTA 2's distinct way of placing teams in matches. For example, OG and EHOME are at the top of their respective groups. Meaning, they will be facing the 4th placers on the other group's standings: OG facing MVP and EHOME facing Alliance, respectively.

To summarize, every group will be halved into 1-4th to 5th to 8th place. 1-4th places from each groups being a part of the Upper Bracket and the lower 5-8th placers will be places in the Lower Bracket. Criss-Crossing the 1st placers and matching them with the 4th placers (5th placers will be matched with 8th placers respectively). This method is applied with every team so on so forth.

With that, here's the final schedule for tomorrow's Main Event:

Each team on the first set of matches on the Upper Bracket will do a Best-of-Three and all first set of matches on the Lower Bracket will be played by a Best-of-One. Any loser on the first day tomorrow will be eliminated, so you better watch out!

See your favorite team's spot yet? Well if you have, cheer them on by watching their stream tomorrow. Which will all be covered by EgamersWorld's extensive coverage of The International 2016 - resuming tomorrow!