The final day of The International 2016 is among us!

10 days of exhilirating plays and shows of DOTA 2 from around the world. That's The International 2016 in a nutshell. Tomorrow's no different as the last 3 teams are still alive and breathing, hoping to clinch the $9 million top prize, and of course, The Aegis, which symbolizes that a team is the strongest one out of the bunch - and the whole world of DOTA 2, as far as anyone is concerned. The Top 3 teams are all veterans, however, as every other underdog got eliminated as predicted by most players. Even so, the excitement still can't be doused as these 3 teams are all insanely popular and insanely skilled. Let's see who they are, shall we?

Courtesy of: Wykrhm Reddy

Yes, as one could plainly see, the battle is between Evil Geniuses; the former The International champs (2015), Digital Chaos, the second seed of North America (second only to Evil Geniuses); and of course, the first seed of the Chinese Qualifiers, Wings Gaming. 

The first game of the end is between the two American powerhouses. EG and DC have never been matched since the start of the tournament, so this ought to be a very "raw" fight between two incredibly skilled teams. On the other hand, Wings have already defeated Evil Geniuses in the Upper Bracket to secure a spot in the finals and a second place position. As the semi-finals rule suggests, whoever wins between EG and DC will go to the finals and face off with Wings Gaming. The loser of the semi-finals will still secure a 3rd place position and a $2 million cash prize.

Everything is on the line tomorrow to claim the title. Will it be a back-to-back win for Evil Geniuses? An incredible success story to tell Mama Moo for Digital Chaos? Or will it be a Chinese domination with Wings? Stay tuned exclusively on for the final day of The International 2016!