The groups of StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 revealed

The organizers of StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 divided all the participants of their championship into two groups where they will play in GSL format. Two best collectives from each group will get to the playoff stage, and collectives who will finish in 3-4 positions will go home.

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Teams’ division into groups:

Group А:

Natus Vincere
LGD Gaming
SG e-Sports

Group В

OpTic Gaming
Team Kinguin


First match of Group А:

First match of Group В:

The tournament will be held on 11-15 April in Kiev Cybersport Arena, Ukraine. The championship got the status “Minor”, so the prize pool will consist of $300,000 and 300 DPC Points, and it will be fought for by eight participants and only two of them were invited directly.