Team Empire made some changes in their Dota 2 roster

The organisation reported about that on their website.

Empire decided to exclude Aleksandr «Nix» Levin. Aibek «Naive-» Tokaev will play instead of him.

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At the moment Naive- hasn't become well-known with any achievement on the professional stage, but the management's choice was the Kazak esportsman as Naive- holds the 7 place in Top Players from the European server giving the way to the top only to such players as Illidan, w33, DReam, RAMZES666, GGwpLanaya and Tompson.

Sports director of Team Empire, Aleksandr «StrangeR» Solomonov:

«Our last results showed us that we need changes. Unfortunately, today we are saying farewell to Nix. I feel no regrets about our choice during last transfer window: at first everything went just as planned but later we faced difficulties again.

We could see that Nix wasn't as comfortable in our team as we wished, and the main reason for replacement is that five players couldn't become one united team. We could risk and continue playing without changes but management chose another way. It can be even more risky but we have more faith in it.

Currently there are many free agents available and we chose young prodigy Aybek «Naive-» Tokaev aka TA2000. Although he is not experienced player Aybek shows great level of play and huge will to win. Congratulations on entering Team Empire!

We made one change, but everyone understands that it won't solve all our problems. A lot of hard work is ahead of us. We will play EPICENTER XL and qualifiers to major tournaments with our renewed roster. After that we will think about our next steps».

Team Empire will play their first official match with the new roster tomorrow. Their opponents will be Vega Squadron.

Renewed roster of Team Empire:

Aibek «Naive-» Tokaev
Rostislav «fn» Lozovoy
Andrey «Ghostik» Kadyk
Maksim «yoky-» Kim
Yaroslav «Miposhka» Naydenov