SQreen left WarriorsGaming.Unity

Khaled «sQreen» El-Khabbash wrote that he left WarriorsGaming.Unity on his official Vkontakte page. He left the organization because of the personal reasons, however he said thank you to his ex-teammates and organization for all that they did for him. The next team to join will Arise’s stack.

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Khaled’s commentaries in Vkontakte:

«I returned to home because of the personal reasons, so I will no longer play for WG. I wish them good luck and I’m grateful for everything that did for me. I would also like to point out 2 Asian players – Meracle and Velo, it was really nice to play with them, so it is possible that we will play together in future. Now, I’ll try to play from home with the following roster: Noia, Hestejoe-Rotten, Neqroman and Arise, today we’re going to play open qualifiers to Perfect World Masters».

It should be mentioned that Khaled «sQreen» El-Khabbash left 24 teams during his professional career because of the personal reasons. Stack with Noia and the company will be the 25th.

Team Noia roster:

Danny «Noia» Junget
Mikki Mørch «HesteJoe-Rotten» Junget
Selim «Neqroman» Oynar
Turtoi «Arise» Lonut
Khaled «sQreen» El-Khabbash