Silent will continue his career in Team Empire

On the official website of Team Empire organization, the information about a player to replace Vladimir «Chappie» Kuzmenko, who asked for a transfer, Airat «Silent» Gaziev returned to the Empire. Airat has been playing for the organization as a standin, but now he signed a full contract.  

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Aleksander «StrangeR» Solomonov, Team Empire esports director, commentaries:

«Someone would tell that this is quite risky to take the player who has not been playing on the required position. Actually, the risk is lower than we can even afford. Fortunately, not everyone can estimate this risk properly. As our experience shows, playing experience has the biggest importance for the success of the team, and Silent would definitely help them, as the playing condition can be improved with the trainings. We had not very successful start of the season, but autumn always goes hard for us, but this year we can improve the situation earlier.»

Team Empire roster:

Airat «Silent» Gaziev
Rostislav «fn» Lozovoi
Andrei «Ghostik» Kadyk
Yaroslav «Miposhka» Naidionov
Ivan «VANSKOR» Skorohod