Puppey answers charges

Team Secret captain Clement «Puppey» Ivanov answered Jacky "EternaLEnVy " Mao and Rasmus ‘MiSeRy’ Fillipsen charges. He also commended his new team members for their support.

‘I'm not getting into a war of words. Those that know me well know that I'm not that person described and that's good enough for me. (EternaLEnVy and MiSeRy’s entries on their blogs) What I do want you to know is that I love Dota and I won’t stop trying to become the best Dota player out there. I cherish my teammates who stayed with me. Despite the drama, we still played great scrims, talking about the game and having a lot of fun. It made me feel alive again. Thank you MP, Pieliedie, FoREv and MidOne.’