Our tips for fourth day of Epicenter XL

The third play day of Epicenter XL surprised us a bit as 2-1 FlyToMoon unexpectedly defeated Mineski and of course with the match Natus Vincere vs Secret 2-1. All the other matches took place the way they had been expected.  

The match between Mineski against Complexity, bookmakers’ coefficients for the match starting from 1.1 for Mineski  and 6.5 for Complexity.

The team haven’t been preparing for the tournament in a proper way as the defeat from PSG.LGD could be expected, the win from FlyToMoon over Mineski was completely unexpected.

The overall impression about Mineski from the author: Cloudy opinion about the team’s play as it is clear that after the last tournament the team slowed down making right decision while tense moments.  

Complexity won over Team Empire due to the fact that their opponents had a quite poor game, it can’t be said for sure what should be expected from them.

The overall impression about Complexity from the author: Quite unstable play at the tournament. It is difficult to make any conclusion about them.

The match is a bad to make bets as putting a bet on Mineski, you won’t receive almost anything while Complexity’s chance to win is not so high but still it is. The win of Mineski is 2-1 at the match.

The match between Team Secret and OG Dota 2, coefficients of the bookmakers for this match starting from 1.2 for Team Secret and 4.2 for OG Dota 2.

Yesterday Team Secret lost against Natus Vincere picking Techies and Wraith King for the position of supports and now I think that they will be more serious about their games and picks.

The overall impression about Team Secret from the author: Years pass but Puppey’s picks do not change, great game which sometimes can be ruined by picks.  

OG Dota 2 have already defeated the team Natus Vincere and the team Pain Gaming by the same score, so it is clear that the team are returning to their level slowly but steadily though.

The overall impression about OG Dota 2 from the author: Finally the team gave us a glimmer of hope, after the failure at the matches it’s clear that they have found their style of play and now they can demonstrate us very good high-quality games.

Here Team Secret are the favourite even though OG Dota 2 are returning to their level and they are strong enough to defeat the opponent after yesterday’s loss at the match against the team Natus Vincere, now Puppey will be more serious about his next games. The team OG Dota 2 also mustn’t be ignored. 2-1 for Team Secret.

The match between NewBee and paIN Gaming, coefficients of bookmakers for this match starting from 1.1 for NewBee and 5.9 for paIN Gaming.

At two recent matches, NewBee showed good game but we can see that the team has a lack of something or maybe the opponents were very strong.

The overall impression about NewBee from the author: The Chinese collective are not having their best times as it was expected but we’ll hope that they will be able to hit stride as their ideas and game are pretty good.

Nobody is waiting any good result from paIN Gaming, 2 deserved defeats at this tournament.

The overall impression about paIN Gaming from the author: We won’t be surprised, but some matches will be won by the team if their opponents underestimate them.

The match is pretty predictable, if NewBee get prepared for the match, they’ll be able to whitewash the series. And they will treat the match seriously as they have 2 defeats at the tournament. 2-0 for NewBee.

The match between PSG.LGD and Team Empire, coefficients of the bookmakers for this match starting from 1.1 for PSG.LGD and 5.1 for Team Empire.

Now PSG.LGD have 1 win and 1 defeat at the tournament, but they lost against the team Liquid which is one of the favourite at the tournament.

The overall impression about PSG.LGD from the author: They have a very good roster and great performance at the tournament, this game can lead the team to one of the first places in the group.

Team Empire do not satisfy us at the tournament, the team couldn’t win any of the maps. They are likely to have not very positive results.

The overall impression about Team Empire from the author: Good players’ game, nice picks, but they team are having a lack of right decision during the game. They can be leaders of the game but in a few moments they can lose their superiority. The team can’t be judged as they have recently signed a new player and had no time to achieve teamwork.

Team Empire have to surprise their opponent to win at the very least one of the maps at the match. 2-0 for the team PSG.LGD.

The match between Team Liquid and FlyToMoon, coefficients of the bookmakers for this match starting from 1.1 for Team Liquid and 5.9 for  FlyToMoon.

Team Liquid show us what we have been expecting: great 2 games resulting in 2 wins. The results are stable as they have to be.

The overall impression about Team Liquid from the author: One of the favourite of the tournament demonstrate us a great performance. There is a good instance which is the performance of Miracle.

FlyToMoon impress us a lot, the team with no great expectations from the viewers play in the group with two wins in the pocket.

The overall impression about FlyToMoon from the author: The team is a surprise at the tournament as we see that their first win wasn’t a coincidence as they managed to defeat one of the favourite that is the team Mineski at the fierce battle. The team must keep surprising us.

Of course Team Liquid is an obvious favourite here, taking into account yesterday’s unexpecting game from FlyToMoon, today Team Liquid will be prepared for the meeting with them.But one map can be given to the opponents by Team Liquid, but the most important is not to be carried away by the experiments with the picks. 2-1 Team Liquid.

The match between Virtus Pro and Natus Vincere, coefficients of the bookmakers for this match starting with 1.09 for Virtus Pro and 7.4 for Natus Vincere.

Virtus Pro perform as it was expected, they have two deserved wins, nothing surprising.  

The overall impression about Virtus Pro from the author: The favourites of the tournament perform stably and confidently, and there can’t be added anything more.

Natus Vincere managed to surprise us and to win over Team Secret by the score 2-1, but that is not Natus Vincere’s merit, but Team Secret’s.  Team Secret decided to experiment which resulted in their punishment.

The overall impression about Natus Vincere from the author: You never know what can happen with them, but it is obvious that the team need a good captain for achieving good results.

It is the CIS meeting of principle where anything can happen, but the favourite of the match is Virtus Pro. We are expecting for a very interesting game where the team Virtus Pro is to win. But it is known that it is a bad undertaking to make a bet on Natus Vincere. 2-1 for Virtus Pro.