Our tips for fifth day of Epicenter XL

Epicenter XL continues to surprise, Natus Vincere managed to beat Virtus Pro in an essential match with a score 2-1. paiN Gaming also sensationally prevailed over their opponents NewBee, NewBee now has even fewer chances to advance to the playoffs. OG surprised us a bit too, but it’s clear that they have gained momentum a lot in the recent time, the rest of matches finished predictably enough.

The match between Team Secret and paiN Gaming, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.25 for Team Secret and 3.8 for paiN Gaming.

Team Secret’s things aren’t going well, they have two losses and one victory and it’s unclear whether they are able to get to the playoffs, the will have to win all the next matches.

The author’s general impression about Team Secret: The team obviously plays not like they are expected to play and it’s not so clear what will happen further during the tournament. You can expect everything from them, the team is very unstable for now.

Yesterday, paiN Gaming managed to beat the team NewBee but I can’t say that that was a sensational result, everything just doesn’t work in the Chinese team at this tournament.

The author’s general impression about paiN Gaming: It’s an average team, it plays in the way they are expected for now.

If you take a personal performance into consideration, Team Secret will have easy to win the series. But everything is not so easy, their picks have had problems with picks recently, it’s obvious that the team’s things are not going very well. I think that the teams are equal in this confrontation at the moment but if Team Secret focuses they will win the match. 2-1 in the favor of Team Secret.

The match between PSG.LGD and FlyToMoon, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.5 for PSG.LGD and 2.6 for FlyToMoon.

PSG.LGD has been playing stable enough at the tournament but yesterday they lost their positions a bit and almost lost to Team Empire.

The author’s general impression about PSG.LGD: A stable Chinese team, I can’t say bad things about them, their game is on a very high level.

FlyToMoon is doing what they have not been expected at all, they beat almost all opponents on their way, they were close to prevailing over Team Liquid yesterday.

The author’s general impression about FlyToMoon: The team is still gaining momentum at the tournament, it’s clear that are advancing. If things remain the same, they will have easy to advance to the group.

It’s a very difficult match, we all know that the Chinese teams have a problem with playing against CIS, if FlyToMoon makes a pressure on their opponents, they will be able to win the match scoreless. However, I believe that experienced players of PSG.LGD will achieve victory in the match. PSG.LGD will win with a score 2-1 in a difficult fight.

The match between Team Liquid and Complexity Gaming, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.1 for Team Liquid and 4.5 for Complexity Gaming.

Team Liquid play in the way they are expected, for now, results of their matches in the group are good enough.

The author’s general impression about Team Liquid: Favorites are favorites, there is nothing to add.

Complexity Gaming starts playing a bit better during the tournament and performs even better in every match.

The author’s general impression about Complexity Gaming: I think it’s not worth to expect the team to have good results in the last matches of the group stage.

It’s an easy enough match to predict, if Team Liquid doesn’t want to have fun, they will not lose a map to their opponents. 2-0 in the favor of Team Liquid.

The match between NewBee and Natus Vincere, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.9 for NewBee and 1.7 for Natus Vincere.

NewBee hasn’t won a match at the tournament, their things are very bad.

The author’s general impression about NewBee: The players are obviously not in a shape and they need to change something on the roster, they almost don’t have a chance to advance to the playoffs at this tournament.

Natus Vincere sensationally beat Virtus Pro yesterday, which they were not expected to do. But Natus Vincere is Natus Vincere, they have always been so unstable.

The author’s general impression about Natus Vincere: It’s strange but the team can still show us something, they can prevail over favorites and lose to outsiders. It’s not worth to count on them a lot.

It’s a very difficult match to predict, on one hand, NewBee plays very bad at the tournament but on another one, Natus Vincere - the most unstable team in the world. As before, I recommend to skip the match and not to bet but it’s worth watching. The result will probably be 2-1 in the favor of Natus Vincere.

The match between Virtus Pro and OG Dota 2, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.5 for Virtus Pro and 2.5 for OG Dota 2.

Yesterday, Virtus Pro lost to Natus Vincere in a very serious essential match, which may make a great impact on their morale.

The author’s general impression about Virtus Pro: The team comes very not serious to matches at the tournament, which decreases all their chances to have any good results. But the team still plays very well.

OG Dota 2 surprises everyone, for now, the team shows great results, it hasn’t lost a match yet.

The author’s general impression about OG Dota 2: If they continue showing such game, they will have big chances to hold one of the top places at the tournament. We will continue watching them.

If the prediction for the match had to be made before the start of the tournament, I would say that it would be easy 2-0 for Virtus Pro but now, I can’t say so. OG Dota 2 has gained momentum and they have good chances to win the match. I believe in the team OG Dota 2 and the score will be 2-1 in their favor.