Our predictions for the first playoff day of EPICENTER XL

Let’s sum up the group stage of the tournament. Group A: There were no sensations in the groups but Team Empire had to hold a bit higher place. Group B: The group was equal in terms of strength, NewBee and Natus Vincere had a lack of good performance to advance to the playoffs, however, they showed themselves well in the tournament. We can commend the team paiN Gaming, from which nobody expected to come out of the group.

The match between FlyToMoon and paiN Gaming, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.6 for FlyToMoon and 2.2. for paiN Gaming.

FlyToMoon showed a very good performance in the group stage, the team lacked a bit to get to the upper bracket.

The author’s general impression about FlyToMoon: The team has been showing better results in every match, it’s clear that they will have a perspective in future if they keep working in the same way.

paiN Gaming surprised everyone a lot, unexpectedly advanced to the group stage, they had a bad start and a good ending of the group stage.

The author’s general impression about paiN Gaming: Lots of people underestimated them for noting, the great performance by w33 gave the team a chance and they didn’t miss it. They have good enough chances to continue participating in the tournament.

It’s a very difficult match to predict as it’s a bo1 match in the lower bracket, one of the teams makes a mistake and everything can finish for them in the tournament. The teams are almost equal in terms of strength but I think that FlyToMoon will have a lack of strength at a critical moment as they are not so experienced if compared to paiN Gaming. I think that paiN Gaming will achieve victory.

The match between Team Secret and Mineski, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.7 for Team Secret and 2 for Mineski.

Team Secret is not very stable due to their picks, Puppey’s decision about hero picks played a bad joke on them and didn’t allow to get to the upper bracket of the tournament.

The author’s general impression about Team Secret: The team shows not the best preparation for the tournament but may focus in a critical moment, it’s difficult to say if they advance further.

After a victory at the previous Major, Mineski started playing a bit worse and looked very weak in the first matches but managed to focus in the end.

The author’s general impression about Mineski: It’s a perspective team, I believe that they will stay in this tournament and show us a good game.

It’s one more bo1 match of the lower bracket, in which everything can happen, there is nothing to analyze and to think about in this prediction, any of them may win. I will make my choice in the favorite of Mineski, they are more stable in picks and gained a great shape in the tournament.

The match between Team Liquid and OG Dota 2, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.2 for Team Liquid and 3.6 for OG Dota.

Team Liquid hasn’t lost a match in its group and advanced with a score 5-0.

The author’s general impression about Team Liquid: The favorites of the tournament show us a very good and beautiful game, they have won all their match even with non-standard picks. Naturally, it’s worth to notice Miracle’s play, who is considered to be the best player of the team.

OG Dota 2 showed good performance in the group, advanced with a score 3-2 but their group was much weaker.

The author’s general impression about OG Dota 2: The team has gained some momentum since its last tournament but still as a lack of such game to continue fighting in the upper bracket but they will be able to show us something in the lower bracket even after a loss.

Team Liquid will definitely have to win the match, the underestimation of the opponent may have some influence but the team is very experienced to make such mistake. Team Liquid will win.

The match between Virtus Pro and PSG.LGD, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.3 for Virtus Pro and 3 for PSG.LGD.

Virtus Pro could show us better results but the result 4-1 guaranteed themselves an advancement from the first place.

The author’s general impression about Virtus Pro: They are the favorites as Team Liquid, didn’t surprise, showed a good stable performance in every match.

PSG.LGD Gaming came out of the group with the same score as Virtus Pro but they had a way stronger group.

The author’s general impression about PSG.LGD: It’s a stable Chinese team, they don’t have a lot of chances in this match but I think they will show us a good game in the lower bracket but they still have chances to stay in the upper one, however, they are small.

Virtus Pro always finds an approach to Chinese teams, they have already lost to this team at the previous Major but they will come to their match more confidently at this tournament. I think the score will be 2-1 in the favor of Virtus Pro.