Old Chicken left EHOME

The organization EHOME made some replacements in their roster, replacing Wang «old chicken» Zhiyong by Zhai «荧» Jingkai. Zhiyong got to Keen Gaming, and Jingkai will play in EHOME’s roster. We should mark that because of the replacement after closing of the transfer window, both of the teams will start their way to The International 2018 from the open qualifiers.

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Wang «old chicken» Zhiyong has been representing EHOME since February 2015 so he had enough time to help the team to win at Dota 2 Radiant & Dire Cup 2015, Shanghai Dota 2 Open, MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 Winter and WESG 2017 China Finals. Also the team finished in 5-6 место at The International 2016.

Renewed EHOME’s roster:

Chen «Cty» Tianyu
Zhai «荧» Jingkai
Zhang «Faith_bian» Ruida
Xu «Hym» Zhi
Zhang «y`» Yiping

Renewed Keen Gaming’s roster:

Yang «MS» Yongjie
Wang «old chicken» Zhiyong
Song «dark» Runxi
Jiang «佞臣» An
Liu «HepburN» Jiajun