MVP Phoenix knocked out OG out of the Upper Bracket!

Yes, that's right. There's no more dominating "No-death Miracle" that's gonna be rampaging through the brackets and into the Finals. From the straight-up-the-top OG from Manila Majors, they haven't exactly been the OG we all feared since those times. Their opponents just got stronger and adapted to OG's playstyle. There's still hope for OG, however. They can still continue to dominate up the ladder as each match in the Lower Brackets will then be a Best-of-3.

MVP Phoenix will then be set to be up against Wings Gaming, a team that they had trouble facing before. We'll bring you that match and every other match in The International as it comes along. As all of you may know, all matches in the Upper Bracket so forth will be held in a Best-of-5 series, so MVP still has an extra life, so to speak.

On the other hand, OG will be set to face TnC Gaming later (as of writing). Watch it here and see what's their fate on EGamersWorld's extensive coverage of The International 2016!

OG vs MVP Game 1:

OG vs MVP Game 2:

OG vs MVP Game 3: