MiLaN left Double Dimension

Double Dimension made some changes in their Dota 2 roster.

Having left the collective, Milan Kozomara reported on his Twitter account that he was looking for a new team at that moment.

We should mark, that MiLaN was registered in Double Dimension’s roster on the registration site Valve, and it means that with his leaving the team has no opportunity to get an invitation to the closed qualifier for The International 2018. So there is no information about what can happen to one of the players of Double Dimension Andrey «Mag» Chipenko. Rodion «MYSmoon» Fomkin played instead of him at three last official matches.

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At the moment Double Dimension’s roster is the following:

Dmitriy «Ditya Ra» Minenkov
Steve «Excalibur» Ye
Aleksey «j4» Lipay
Andrey «Mag» Chipenko (?)
Rodion «MYSmoon» Fomkin (stand-in)
Aleksandr «Flow» Sazonov (inactive)