M19 signed Pikachu and Aoharide

M19 announced on their official website their Dota 2 roster has got all members.

Such players as Yaroslav «Pikachu» Vasylenko and Albert «Aoharide» Garaev joined the team. There is no much information about Aoharide, while Pikachu is known for playing for Cyber Anji, that became the latest club where the esportsman belonged to.

Before Pikachu and Aoharie joined M19, such players as Alexander «Nix» Levin, Gleb «Funn1k» Lipatnikov and Nikolai «Muriel» Baikov have been already members of the roster. Previously, Muriel have not appeared on the professional Dota 2 arena, while Funn1k together with Natus Vincere became the vice-champion of The International 2013. As for Nix, he was playing for Comanche prior to joining M19.

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The management for Dota 2 commented transfer of the players to M19 in the following way:

«Reshuffle was very uneasy for us, and we’ve got the full roster not long time ago. The guys have already arrived to the bootcamp, and started to prepare to the games. The season consists of many tournaments and we are trying to show a good result. Please root for us, we need your support so much!»

Now M19 roster is as following:

Yaroslav «Pikachu» Vasylenko
Albert «Aoharide» Garaev
Alexander «Nix» Levin
Gleb «Funn1k» Lipatnikov
Nikolai «Muriel» Baikov