LGD Gaming will replace CDEC Gaming at The Summit 7

CDEC Gaming will not go to The Summit 7 due to the refusal in receiving of a visa. Representatives of CDEC have informed about this on the Chinese social network Weibo.

CDEC Gaming could fight its way to the 7th season of The Summit through the qualifying round in China having won the difficult match against LGD Gaming. CDEC has overcome its opponents with a score 3-2. Despite this, the team will not be able to take part in the LAN-final of The Summit 7. Instead of them, organizers have decided to invite the semi-finalist of the Chinese qualification, the team LGD Gaming.

CDEC Gaming is not the first team not to be able to visit The Summit 7 due to the visa issues. Previously, representatives of Clutch Gamers have informed about the same problems. The Philippine cyber-sportsmen were not given the required category of visa. Beyond the Summit will inform about the team, which will replace Clutch Gamers at the LAN-final later.

The final stage of The Summit 7 will be hosted in the suburbs of Los-Angeles, at the house-studio Beyond the Summit on June 14-18. 8 participants will divide the prize pool in the sum of $100,000. The winner will receive the main money prize in the sum of $42,500.

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The list of participants:

Team VG.J
Team Secret
LGD Gaming
Natus Vincere
Team NP
Team Empire