IG.Vitality became the champions of WCA 2016

The Chinese team became the best one in the tournament with $590,000 prize pool.

WCA 2016 Dota 2 tournament is over. It started on December 14 in Chinese city Yinchuan. The overall number of players was 10, and all of them competed for the prize pool of $590,000. The European region was presented by ProDota Gaming and Vega Squadron teams, and Chinese team IG.Vitality represented China.

IG.Vitality became the second in group A, losing bo1 match against Vici Gaming. In play off series, only four teams participated, so to join the final match, IG.Vitality should only win against  We Are Young. In the grand final they met Vici Gaming, however, this time, they managed to get the win and revenge the opponents.

Noteworthy, the organizers of the event have a bad reputation because of the payments that take too much time. For example, The Alliance (winners of WCA 2014) got their reward only in a year after the competition.

Prize pool distribution:

1 place: iG Vitality - $345,000
2 place: Vici Gaming - $143,000
3 place: We Are Young - $72,000
4 place: Prodota Gaming - $29,000