iG.Vitality and LGD.FY cannot get the visa

Three LGD Forever Young players and all five players from Invictus Gaming Vitality failed the first interview to get American visa to join the Major in Boston.

LGD.FY and iG.V posted in Weibo (Chinese social media) that Monet, lpc and Jixing from LGD.FY got visa denial, though they still have the second stage of the interviews. Paparazi, Sakata, InJuly, super and dogf1ghts from iG.V also got denials, but they as well have the next interview on November, 18. iG.V and LGD.FY qualified to The Boston Major through Chinese qualifiers where LGD.FY took the first place, and iG.V took the second place. Both teams received direct invitations to the qualifiers.

Previously, Valve assisted candidates from different countries in getting visas, as the problem of visa denial is quite common for the international Dota 2 events. However, the assistance was not always effective. For example, September from LGD and Yang from Vici Gaming Reborn could not get the visas during TI6, and the teams had to find substitutes. In Boston Major, LGD.FY can play with substitutes, but iG.V might be replaced for another team, if all the players cannot join the event.