GESC will host 4 Dota 2 Minor tournaments.

A famous insider, Wykrhm Reddy has published on his Twitter account that the company GESC will host four Minor championships.

A general prize pool of the events amounts $1,200,000. Also, 1200 Qualifying points will be up for grabs at Minor tournaments, they are necessary to receive direct invitations to The International 2018.

The first tournament will take place in Singapore on January 12-14 next year. The second one will be carried out in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur on March 2-4. The third Minor tournament will be hosted in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok on March 16-18. The fourth one will be run in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta on May 13-15.

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Let’s remind that Valve introduced the new system of direct invites to The International 2018 in the season 2017/2018. Now, the number of Minor and Major tournaments has increased and, besides money, Qualifying Points will be up for grabs at them. Eight teams with the biggest number of Qualifying Points will receive direct invites to The International 2018. There is no other way to receive an invitation.