Feero and Vlad joined compLexity Gaming

The captain of the team compLexity Gaming Kyle «melonzz» Freedman has informed fans about Feras «Feero» Hroob and Vladislav «Vlad» Yurchenko to join the active roster. Guys are on the probationary period and will play at the qualification to EPICENTER and The Summit 7. Also, it is worth considering that Kyle «melonzz» Freedman has moved to the hard line due to the appearance of newcomers.

Let’s remind that Jaron «monkeys-forever» Clinton and Eric «747» Dong left the team after the failure in the final of regional qualifiers to The Kiev Major 2017.

The roster of the team compLexity Gaming:

Kyle «melonzz» Freedman
Zakari «ZfreeK» Freedman
David «Moo» Hull
Feras «Feero» Hroob (probationary period)
Vladislav «vlad» Yurchenko (probationary period)