Evil Geniuses are the winners of MDL Autumn 2016

This Sunday, Evil Geniuses started their way to The International 7. They won in match against Newbee with 3-1 score and became the winners of MarsTV Dota 2 League Autumn LAN.

EG results on MDL Autumn 2016 are fantastic: they won almost all matches. EG finished group stage with 2-0 score, and won in match against Team Secret with 2-1 results. They lost a final match in upper bracket (2-0 in Newbee favor) and joined the lower bracket for some time. In a match against Cr1t-‘s ex-team OG, Evil Geniuses won with 2-1 score.

At the grand-final, TI5 champions were unstoppable: they’ve got 2-0 result in bo5 matches in spite of the bad game in the first match. In the third game, EG also demonstrated some problems with strategy and team play. Because of that, they lost several team-fights. However, Newbee did not manage to use EG problems to their favor. In the 4th game, EG restores the balance and started to push their rivals. The match ended in 35 minutes. This was the quickest match of this series.

SumaiL’s game deserves to be mentioned. He  played 11/2/8 with Mirana in the first game, 10/1/12 with Storm Spirit in the second one, and ended all matches at the 4-th game with 7/1/18 result with Medusa.

MDL is now over, and it means that DreamLeague Season 6 will be the next event for a new EG roster.