Ax.Mo and Sonic were banned by UCC

The company UCC made an investigation concerning the point shaving between teams DX and Yellow Submarine at the tournament SkinCoin WCA 2017, according to its results, decided to ban Leonid «Sonic» Kuzmenkov and Dmitry «Ах.Мо» Morozov for two years.

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From the official announcement:

«We made a decision to forbid Leonid «Sonic» Kuzmenkov and Dmitry «Ах.Мо» Morozov from the team DX to participate in all matches and tournaments by UCC for two years. The investigation convinced us that both players had voluntarily manipulated with the result of the match to make a fraud with a help of bets. Sonic and Ax.Mo will not be allowed to participate in any events, hosted by UCC until October 10, 2019. Also, we made a conclusion that other members of DX, Dmitry «Monza» Morozov, Roman «Scandal» Sadotenkov and Yakiv «Dark» Hrabar were not guilty of the deliberate loss».

The investigation was carried out together with Esports Integrity Coalition that includes ESL and DreamHack. It is worth to notice that UCC Studio has sent Valve the respective data that proves the involvement of these players in point shaving, so Valve may make additional prohibitions.