Abed gets over 10,000 MMR

A Philippine esportsman become the first on the reach 10,000 MMR mark.

The player managed to do that on the American server. It should be mentioned that his opponents assisted him in that by leaving the game a few minutes after it has started.

Aliwi «w33» Omar and Amer «Miracle-» Al-Barkawi are the esportsmen who reached the previous MMR marks. Aliwi Omar was the first player to get 8,000 MMR, and Amer Al-Barkawi was the first one to reach 9,000 MMR. Also, we need to notice that Abed became the first Philippine player who got 9,000 MMR.

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Currently, Abed «Abed» Azel L. Yusop is playing for Digital Chaos. Previously, he was a member of Team Execration and Team Onyx.