The second season is not without scandals - the team from the second division of China received a technical defeat

Fake matches and play outside the rules are a major problem in any competitive event. The DPC leagues are no exception.

Unfortunately, news about violation of the rules periodically pops up in the information field. One of these appeared just a few minutes ago.

During the match between Dragon and Xtreme in the second division of China, the organizers from Perfect World awarded the first for a forfeit. One of the players on the roster was reportedly convicted of "breaking the rules."

The organizers of the DPC League in China have not provided any details yet. Most likely, an internal investigation has already begun.

After the technical defeat, Dragon's further participation in the second division is in doubt. Even if the team is not disqualified, it now has a stats of 0-5, which already casts doubt on the preservation of its place for the next season.