The first day of the new season is over - DPC digest 2021: Season 2

After a short hiatus, DPC 2021 is back for a second season of regional rivalries. In China, Southeast Asia, North America and South America, the first matches in the lower division have already been played, and we invite you to take a look at the results of these meetings.


Two matches took place in the Chinese region. In the lower division MagMa defeated Aster.Aries 2-0, while CDEC defeated Xtreme Gaming on a clean sheet.


Southeast Asia

Only 1 match took place in Southeast Asia. South Built Esports outplayed 496 Gaming with a score of 2-1.


North America

There was also 1 match in the North American lower division. In it, Team DogChamp beat Felt 2-0.


South America

The South American region pleased with one lower division match. There the Ego Boys beat BINO 2-1.


DPC 2021: Season 2 started on April 12 and will end this May. We will closely monitor the success of teams in different regions and divisions.