From NAVI to Team Spirit - former Born to Win analyst will help Miposhka and his teammates

The Team Spirit management announced in its official VKontakte group that it had signed a contract with the ex-analyst of Born to Win. Now Vitaly 'Sword Art' Petkin will work for the benefit of "Dragons". He has experience working with Team Spirit, and therefore it will not be a novelty for him to work on improving the game form of e-sportsmen from Spirit.

It is noteworthy that Sword Art will only provide its assistance directly in preparation against certain opponents. In other cases, in training, Silent and Miposhka will cope without Vitaly.

Commentary by Vitaly 'Sword Art' Petkin:

"The role of the off-game leader rests with Airat[Silent]. He does a lot for the team, and, most importantly, the guys trust him and respect his work. Now he and Yarik are more responsible for work on drafts[Miposhka]. In preparation for the opponents, I am already connecting, suggesting options that can be edited, what can work against specific opponents. As for in-game calls, we are constantly actively working on this.

There is no clearly pronounced leader (as was the case before so_bad), but everyone knows their responsibilities and pricks if necessary. Basically, these are Miposhka, TORONTOTOKYO and Yatoro, it depends more on the stage of the game and the heroes. Mira is more of a performer. "

Before the Dota 2 roster of Natus Vincere was disbanded in September 2020, Vitaly Petkin helped the representatives of the roster of that time to improve their team play. The leadership of "Born to Win" decided to abandon this team and sign the five of Andrey 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Bondarenko.