EPIC League Season 3: Vikin.gg and Team Spirit reach the final of the Upper Bracket of the First Division

Both semifinal matches in the upper bracket have come to an end. Vikin.gg defeated Brame 2-1, while Team Spirit beat Tundra Esports 2-0. The winners will face off against each other in the Upper Bracket Finals.

In the lower bracket, Tundra Esports will now have to compete with HellRaisers for the right to further participate in the tournament, and Brame will compete against High Coast Esports.

Today will give us the opportunity to watch two matches in the lower bracket with the participation of the above teams.


EPIC League Season 3 runs from March 14 to March 21. The total prize pool is $ 100,000. $ 85,000 of them are played in the first division and $ 15,000 in the second.