EPIC League Season 3: results of the second round of the group stage

Upon completion of all matches of the second round, two leaders in the group stage were determined. They are Vikin.gg, Brame and Team Spirit, who have 2 victories each and have not suffered a single defeat.

At the same time, the worst results were shown by such teams as High Coast Esports, VP.Prodigy and EXTREMUM.

The next confrontations will determine the first participants in the upper division of EPIC League Season 3 and will show which of the teams will go to the lower division.

The group stage follows the Swiss system. Each team that achieves three wins is promoted to the top division. The squads that suffer three defeats will become members of the lower division.


EPIC League Season 3 runs from March 2 to March 21. The group stage will end on the 14th, and the divisional matches will start on March 15th. The total prize pool for the league is $ 100,000, of which $ 85,000 will be awarded in the top division and $ 15,000 in the lower division.