EPIC League Season 3: Vikin.gg became the first member of the top division

Vikin.gg became the first team to win three victories in the group stage. In the decisive match, the Hellbear Smashers could not take even one card from their opponents, and Vikin.gg can already prepare for matches against the next participants in the top division.

On March 10, the second participant will become known, who will ensure himself an exit to the upper division. Team Spirit and Brame, as the two best results, will compete with each other for the second invite.


EPIC League Season 3 runs from March 2 to March 21. The group stage will end on the 14th, and the divisional matches will start on March 15th. The total prize pool for the league is $ 100,000, of which $ 85,000 will be awarded in the top division and $ 15,000 in the lower division.