Snow Sweet Snow # 2: B8 Esports Advance To Next Round Of Lower Bracket

Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin seems to have sold out in earnest. He has already won two matches in the lower bracket and advanced to the third round. Let us remind you that in the first match Dendi beat Brame with a score of 2-1, and in the last match Winstrike could not take one card from the ex-NAVI player.

Earlier, Spider Pigzs completed their path in the championship, as we talked about in another article.

Today's game day has prepared for us two more confrontations. One of them has already begun. In it, PuckChamp and HellRaisers are fighting for the right to reach the final of the upper bracket, and in the second are playing against Hellbear Smashers.


Snow Sweet Snow # 2 runs from February 15th to March 11th. The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 50,000. It will be distributed among the four best participants in the event, and the winner will receive $ 25,000.