Creepwave lost three players

Dmitry 'Fishman' Polishchuk, who plays as a support in Creepwave, spoke about the departure of three esportsmen from the squad.

He said that at Snow Sweet Snow # 2 they will finish playing with the current roster, after which the team will have a disband or, at best, a reshuffle. He also clarified that there is more than a month left before the start of the next DPC event, and therefore players are ready to consider proposals from eSports organizations.

If Dmitry and his remaining teammate Remco 'Crystallis' Arets fail to find new organizations, they will continue to play together under the Creepwave tag so as not to be left without an invitation to the lower division of DPC 2021 Season 2 Europe.

Today MiLAN played in the Dota Team along with Solo and RAMZEs in EPIC League Season 3. The team was unable to win the battle with Team Spirit, losing both maps to the latter. As for Malr1ne, this player also played in another roster. On March 2nd Team Empire asked Stanislav 'Malr1ne' Potorak for help.

Creepwave had a good chance of making it to the top division of the DPC League, but in replay matches the team lost against the Hellbear Smashers and Brame.