EPIC League Season 3: HellRaisers could not give a successful start

The first matches of the group stage of the third season of the EPIC League have come to an end. In them, Brame defeated HellRaisers, while Hellbear Smashers and Winstrike followed the path of Brame and started their journey with triumph.

Results of the first matches of EPIC League Season 3


EPIC League Season 3 started on March 2 and will end on the 21st. The group stage will take place until March 14, and the final stage of the championship will begin on the 15th. As part of EPIC League Season 3, $ 100,000 will be raffled, $ 85,000 of which will be distributed among the participants of the upper division, and $ 15,000 - among the teams from the lower division.