Cooperation between Nix and HellRaisers has come to an end

HellRaisers CEO Aleksey 'Magician' Slabukhin told on his Telegram channel about Nix leaving the team. Alexander, in turn, thanked the club and already former teammates for the joint work done. According to Nix, the organization had been very favorable for Alexander.

The player joined the club in September 2019. As part of HellRaisers, he managed to take prizes in all three seasons of the Parimatch League and other competitive events.

Alexander 'Nix' Levin's comment:

“I can't even believe that a year and a half has passed. I am proud that I played for this team and appreciate its trust in me. I would like to separately thank Alexei Slabukhin and the team he put together. Whoever I turned to, I always received more than my expectations. I also want to thank all the teammates who trusted me as a captain and went through difficult moments with me. The last paragraph, but not the last in importance. Thanks to those people who worried and supported us during this time. All players read the words support and appreciate it, so don't stop supporting the team. "

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