343 left Fire Dragoon

Adam Erwann Shah «343» bin Akhtar Hussein made a decision to leave the organization Fire Dragoon in the favor of the other eSports club, which name was not announced. Also, Byron «Syeonix» Young and Yang «Deth» Wu Heng left the team, they had joined the eSports club only a month before.

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Let’s remind that Adam Erwann Shah «343» bin Akhtar Hussein joined Fire Dragoon in the end of August this year and was not able to help the team to achieve any results. The roster failed absolutely all qualifiers to tournaments over the last two months.

The actual roster of Fire Dragoon:

Lai «Ahjit» Jay Son
Jian Zhe «BrayaNt» Pang
Chua «KaNG» Soon Khong
Hiew Teck «Alacrity» Yoong
Yang «yaNG» Liang Ying