FlyToMoon – champions of OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division

The final confrontation at the OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division ended for several hours. The CIS team won the FlyToMoon match against 5men.

FlyToMoon, like 5men, flew out of the Immortal Division and started their way to the playoffs from the second round. There, the Iceberg team beat NiP, and lost 5men in the final of the upper bracket.

In the lower bracket, the FTM had no problems with Cyber Legacy and went to the grand final, where they took revenge on 5men. The match ended on a clean sheet, with FTM defeating opponents from Europe 3-0.

Final distribution of teams

  1. FlyToMoon - $ 10,000
  2. 5men - $ 7,000
  3. Cyber Legacy - $ 6,000
  4. Ninjas in Pajamas - $ 5,000

OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division ran from August 10 to September 5. 16 teams competed for a total prize pool of $ 50,000.