OMEGA League Europe Divine: don't miss the match between NAVI and Cyber Legacy!

At the end of yesterday's gaming day, Natus Vincere and Cyber Legacy went down to the lower bracket, where they will play with each other for the right to further participate in the championship. Yesterday NAVI was unable to cope with the power of 5men, losing to the latter with a score of 0-2, and Cyber Legacy advanced to the third round of the lower bracket after beating Omegalil in the second round.

Recall that Cyber Legacy made it to the championship through a closed qualifier, while NAVI are forced to play in the Divine division after showing poor results in the Immortal League. There they took 6th place out of 6 possible in their group.


OMEGA League Europe Division kicked off on 14 August and ends on 6 September. As part of the Divine tournament, the teams share a modest prize pool of $ 50,000 between each other.