A mock match was played at the OMEGA League

On August 10th, an incident occurred around the Execration vs. Cignal Utlra match in the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division. Then many doubted the honest game of Cignal Ultra.

Organizers from WePlay! and Epic Esports Events conducted an investigation, during which it turned out that the suspicions towards Cignal Ultra were unfounded. Unfortunately, the place was foul play. In the August 9th match between LING ER and DeMonster.

Then the LING ER team won with a score of 2-1, nevertheless, the organizers found extremely strange moments on the lost map. As reported by WePlay! and EEE, in the course of communication with bookmakers and various trusted sources, the fears were confirmed.

Team LING ER was disqualified from the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division. The entire squad was suspended from participation in tournaments held by WePlay! and EEE.

The disqualification affected the standings of other teams. Anyone who played matches with LING ER is awarded a victory. All the teams of group B, with the exception of For The Dream, also have a match in reserve.