EHOME.Immortal Completes OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division

At OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division, another day of the playoff stage has ended. Two matches were played, the results of which we want to share.

Results of the game day OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division

The game day was opened by 496 Gaming and Neon Esports. In a tense confrontation, the 496 team won and went to the grand final of the tournament. Neon Esports fell to the bottom bracket.

Neon Esports will face the Execration team in the lower bracket final. The Philippine team defeated opponents from EHOME.Immortal with a score of 2-0.

There are 3 teams left in the tournament. We will find out the name of the winner on Saturday, August 22. The penultimate day starts tomorrow. The final of the Lower Bracket will be played between Execration and Neon Esports.