OMEGA League players suspected of fake match

As part of the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division match between Execration and Cigna Ultra, hints of dummy play were noticed. The organizers of the championship and viewers of the broadcast drew attention to the strange game moments from the players of Cigna Ultra.

Tournament organizers statement:

"On August 9, within the group stage of the Asian division of the OMEGA League, a match between Execration and Cignal Ultra took place. Exacration won the match with a score of 2: 1. During the match, we noticed a number of suspicious moments that may indicate a dishonest nature match. Our viewers also paid attention to the broadcast of this match. "

We are strongly against foul play and take any match-fixing charges very seriously. For this reason, the OMEGA League administration is currently investigating the participants in the meeting and will announce the decision as soon as possible.

If the suspicions turn out to be true, the team will be disqualified and banned from subsequent tournaments from WePlay! and RuHub. The last such incident took place in the CIS region at the Pushka League. The culprit was removed from the tournaments held by WePlay! for a year, and his team was disqualified.