ESL One Thailand 2020: Events Digest

While the Asian region prepares for the start of the championship, battles have already begun in America. On the night of August 9, the first game day ended.

The ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas Championship was opened by 4 teams. Meetings were held by: CR4ZY, Thunder Predator, business associates and Infamous.

In the first match, CR4ZY and Thunder Predator fought. The teams showed an excellent show, giving the audience a full-fledged bo3. The Peruvians from Thunder Predator turned out to be stronger.

The second pair were business associates and Thunder Predator. They also did not skimp on a good game and played three cards. In this meeting, the victory was won by the South American roster of Infamous.

Thus Thunder Predator and Infamous already have 1 overall win each, while ba and CR4ZY start the tournament with a minor note. ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas will continue today at 20:00 Moscow time. We will closely monitor the successes and failures of the teams.