ESL One Thailand 2020 Preview

Initially, ESL One Thailand 2020 was supposed to take place offline in Thailand but due to the coronavirus situation, the event was forced to move online. It was split into two major divisions: America and Asia. Today we are going to share more details about something we should expect in America.

ESL One Thailand 2020 Americas

In the American region, eight teams will fight for their share of the prize pool consisting of $65,000. The tournament will be taking place from 8 till 30 August. The main monetary award of the championship is $28,000 wheres the silver finalist will take the second prize of $14,000. The bronze finalist will get $7,000.

Such teams as CR4ZY, Quincy Crew, beastcoast, business associates, 4 Zoomers, Thunder Predator, Infamous, and Gorillaz-Pride are going to try themselves in the fight.

It will be curious to see how far the gamers from Gorillaz-Pride will go. These guys showed a high class at the open qualifier which helped them to make it to the closed qualifier. After that, they succeeded in closed knockouts and now they are listed as participants in ESL One Thailand 2020 Online Americas.

Quincy Crew must be the main favourite of the competition. The team is in a very good gaming shape. YawaR and his teammates have recently won BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas, OGA Dota PIT Online League Season 2: America, and The Great American Rivalry Season 1 Division 1. Three won tournaments in a row prove that the team is in great shape and we do not see any premises for Quincy Crew to fail at the championship. The gamers are likely to make it to the playoff and to fight for the champion title at the grand final.

business associates provokes some doubts, concerns, and skepsis. The roster accounts only for three people. They are going to play with two substitute players, EternalEnvy and Sneyking at the upcoming championship. These gamers have already played for the team at several tournaments, however, their success rate leaves room for improvement. That is why, even if we expect to see the team among Four Best, we will not be surprised if we do not see them there.

Watching the group stage will be interesting as it will be held in an unusual place for it. We are used to seeing how teams fight in small groups with four participants in each. Now we will see something different. All eight rosters will be fighting in Round Robin. Four Best will mover to the playoff while the others will be left behind and end up their participation in the tournament. We expect to see Quincy Crew, beastcoast, business associates, and CR4ZY in Top Four but we do not exclude a chance of Gorillaz-Pride appearing in this list.

ESL One Thailand 2020 Asia

As for the Asian division, the overall prize fund will consist of a much bigger sum than in America: $135,000 vs. $65,000. The winner will get the main monetary award $50,000 while the vice-champion will be presented $25,000. The tournament in Asia will be happening from 20 August till 6 September. It will be divided between 12 teams that are still not revealed. Eight rosters will be invited directly, two teams will be picked after ESL Thailand Championship 2020 Season 1 and another two will be fighting in the closed qualifier.