OMEGA League: events digest

In the European division, 5Comrades, EXTREMUM, Evil Corporation and MOTACI have failed to beat their opponents in recent matches and have lost their chances of reaching the playoffs. Cyber Legacy, HellRaisers and 5men became the leaders of their quartets and secured their way to the final stage.


In Asia, in contrast to the European region, nothing is yet known. None of the teams has secured an invite to the playoffs, and none of the teams has yet lost their chances of reaching the final stage. The last matches took place today, and the winners were For The Dream and 496 Gaming. They defeated DeMonster and Execration.


Qualifiers in Europe will be held from 1 to 9 August. Asia Divine Division also started on August 1st, but will end on the 22nd. In Asia, the total prize pool is $ 40,000, and in the European Closed Qualifier, two invitations to the Immortal Division with a prize pool of $ 500,000 are awarded.