ESL One Stockholm 2022: the third day has started

The third day of the ESL One Stockholm 2022 group stage has started. We have prepared for you the results of the first three matches played today.

Evil Geniuses - BetBoom Team

Evil Geniuses and BetBoom were the first to shoot from the stream. The fall of the "evil geniuses" continues. The BuLba team suffers a crushing defeat by not granting any appeal for two maps. On the first map, EG "stumbled" from Ancient Apparation and Mars, and repeated "success on map number 2, losing to the same Mars and AA, but now with the support of the signature Necrophos.

EG on the verge of collapse: the team has 1 won map in 8 played. Ahead of the meeting with OG and Beastcoast.


In a parallel match, the drama around the “eastern derby” was sharpening. T1 played with BOOM and this match turned out to be much more colorful than the meeting between EG and BB Team. On the first map, T1’s signature Treant Protector didn’t work, and BOOM, in turn, won thanks to Jugger, Mars, Phoenix and a massive 5v5 tactic..

Tundra Esports - Beastcoast

The final match of the stream was the confrontation between Tundra and Beastcoast. The European club played in cold blood, systematically cutting off Beastcoas from the opportunity to take at least a card. The whole series "from" and "to" was dictated by the Europeans.

The victory of Tundra Esports actually guaranteed them a place in the upper bracket. The Europeans have 7 and 1 in the overall standings.

There are 3 more rounds of matches ahead, 3 games in each stream. The denouement of the group stage is close.


ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 started on May 12th and will end on May 22nd. The total prize pool of the Major competition is $500,000 and 3,530 Dota Pro Circuit rating points. The winner will earn the main reward of $200,000 and 680 DPC points. The silver medalist will receive $100,000 + 610 DPC points, and the team that takes 3rd place in the standings will get $75,000 and 530 rating points.